C2GRT v2 W3D2

Written October 10, 2016

30 minutes at goal pace with a 25 pound plate in my ruck, then stability stretching. Good day for some fitness.

I threw a 25 pound plate in my ruck and then did 30 minutes on the treadmill over the “random” terrain setting, managing my speed to stay above 4 miles per hour. I ended up averaging 4.2, which included a fair bit of jogging around 5.2 when the songs got good. The bare plate was significantly worse than my foam-boosted steel or even the foam-boosted bricks.

From first hand experience, I now strongly recommend raising the weight up on your shoulders. The weight distribution was all wrong, the plate kept slamming into my lower back when I would pick up speed, and it sank lower and lower over time. Now that I’ve had a few minutes to let my muscles relax, I would almost put “ruck without foam” in the same category as “burpees”.

After the ruck, I accidentally crushed my makeshift Altoids tin earbud case. That was kind of stupid. But then I did a bunch of stretches and tried to bring up the muscle memory of my Hapkido techniques. I remembered quite a bit of the early stuff, but the biggest outcome was realizing how much I need to get back into it.