C2GRT v2 W3D1

Written October 9, 2016

What was today’s workout supposed to be? Eh, who knows. I ran and did some lifts.

I am willing to bet that my back will be a potent reminder to read the lifting chart more carefully next time. I did 5x5 squats at 65 pounds (on another Smith machine. Seriously, hotel people, stop buying those), 5x5 bench presses at 65 pounds, and then 5x5 barbell rows at 135 pounds. The rows were supposed to be 65 pounds. Oops.

Finished off the day with a 1 mile jog on the elliptical, which reminded me why I don’t like ellipticals (they might as well be “Smith runners”), and then 15 minutes on the treadmill averaging 4.5 miles per hour.

Supposedly there is a 40 mile trail at the river, nearby. Sounds tempting.