C2GRT v2 W2D1

Written September 12, 2016

I ran in my hiking boots and did more core work today. Much lower core numbers, but that’s to be expected after running in boots and doing more core work. Also, since people have asked, the title stands for “Couch-to-GORUCK-Tough v2 (second run) Week 2 Day 1”.

The run went fairly well. I ran/walked something close to 10 laps around my parents’ property, which has enough variance in the terrain to keep different muscles working. That’s the kind of trail I am looking for, and need to put some more effort into finding. In total, I did 2 miles in 22 minutes, 4 seconds, for an average pace of 11:02 minutes per mile. Certainly not a record-setting pace, and nowhere near the 6:40 per mile I was doing 12 years ago, but especially not bad for only a week off the couch.

The core portion got me 20 sit-ups and 42 crunches in a minute, each. Much lower than yesterday, but I blame that on some pretty serious lower back soreness and a 20 minute run in boots.