C2GRT v2 W1D6 + W1D7

Written September 11, 2016

Made my ruck weight yesterday and rucked it today. I forgot how good a heavy pack and an empty trail are.

I was supposed to do ruck and core yesterday (Saturday), but I didn’t get up early enough and ended up with a pretty full day for the rest of it. That actually wasn’t a bad thing, because my dad had some extra steel plate sitting around for me to make a nice, 9” x 14” slab of steel and high density foam. It came out just over 22 pounds, so now I’ve got a neon green ruck weight all duct taped up and ready to rock.

When I get to the point of preparing for Tough events I can take it apart, slice another piece off the foam, and chop another steel plate to 9” x 11” to bring my total up to 30 pounds very easily.

I did a 2.8 mile ruck with 20 pounds and then did two sets of sit-ups for 60 seconds. Managed 37 sit-ups the first minute, and 22 sit-ups the second minute. Getting better!

Next steps: