C2GRT v2 W1D3

Written September 7, 2016

The first step I took this afternoon told me that I have needed new shoes for years. I got new shoes today, and without even breaking them in my run felt ten times better.

They say the hardest part of starting anything is taking the first step. If my first steps are anything like the first steps in new shoes, this won’t be so hard. But they also say the only easy day was yesterday, so maybe I shouldn’t get too carried away.

I walked and ran about 1.5 miles (sans dog) and then jogged back and forth in the yard for 10-15 minutes because the dog wouldn’t leave me alone until I threw his squeaky ball a few dozen times.

Today was also supposed to include cardio and upper body, so I found an old tire and wheel to do 50 shoulder-to-shoulders (2 count) with. I’m not sure which piece counted as “cardio”, but it felt like a good workout.

I had a useful thought about half a mile into the run: I can use the C25K program as my running schedule. I’ll set that up for my next run.