Deconstructing the 6 Week Plan

Written December 28, 2015

I finished my first 6 Week Plan last week, just before Christmas. Since then, I’ve been thinking about what to do next. The next PATHFINDER class doesn’t start until February, but I don’t quite have enough time for another 6 Week Plan, so I needed to find something to occupy the next month.

I decided to deconstruct the 6 Week Plan into some numerical values to see if I could make a “6 Week” Plan of any given length. As it turns out, of course you can.

By the numbers

I ran through the 6 Week Plan and sorted each day into one or more of seven categories:

After some opinionated decisions, I got running 15 times, core work 8 times, rucking 10 times, full body work 10 times, cardio 5 times, upper body work 4 times, and R&R 10 times.

If you throw some fudge at the numbers, you get a useful chart:

Making a plan

We’ve got an idea of how often each type of work should come up. We can put some simple rules down: At least two R&R days per week, and no rucking and running on the same day. Now we can put all of it together into a plan.

Want to slow it down? Only double-up work every other day.

Want to slow it down even more? Swap out day 3 for another R&R.