Written December 20, 2015

Running teaches you to stay dedicated, focused, and understand you’re going to have ups and downs, but to keep running right through them.

The ache in my left leg has reasserted itself. I did fairly well on today’s runs, considering the pain and the fact that it was 28 degrees and gusting the entire time.

I only did two of the 400 m sections at more of a jog before I gave in. Lots of ice and some pain killers, tonight.


I am fairly certain the PDF is supposed to read:

3 sets: 1 mile run, 1/4 mile walk

5 sets: 400 meter run, 2 minute rest

Where, as written, it appears to read:

3 sets: 1 mile run, 1/4 mile walk, 5x 400 meter run, 2 minute rest

I’m doing an editing and formatting pass on the original 6 week plan, which will also include publishing into several more formats (HTML, printable index cards, plain text, etc.) and some variant versions I’m thinking about. More on that later, as I have something to show.