Written December 17, 2015

The most dangerous phrase in science is “I wonder how much more it can take”.

59 push ups, 35 sit ups, and a 2 mile run in 21:46.

I didn’t improve in my sit ups, but I could feel that there was something wrong, like I was still sore or something. I didn’t even come remotely close to nausea, though, so the fasting works. I’m really glad I solved that problem. If I continue working my abdominal muscles I’m sure I can improve that count. Hell, I used to do 50-60 for the test with only a medium-high effort.

The craziest part of the workout was getting done with push ups and just being… Done. I mean, I couldn’t do any more because I could feel my arms one push up away from giving out, but I wasn’t even breathing hard. That was a weird feeling.

The run was as hard as always, but I was pleased with it. I brought my pace down almost 2 minutes per mile in only five weeks.

Now I’m at the personally exciting, yet, potentially life-consuming precipice of wanting to know just how much further I can drive myself. Can I get back within PRT standards? Can I get a “Good” performance level? How about “Excellent”?