Written December 13, 2015

There is only one sort of discipline: Perfect discipline.

I did W5D1’s workout today, to try and get myself back to a similar schedule as the past four weeks. (Lots of psychology babble ahead) Having the workout week and the calendar week offset was a huge help to me, because I didn’t associate the “weekend” with the “workout end”. The unintended benefit (which I want to keep exploiting) is that the “I need to schedule things” drive of my brain stays occupied with trying to match up workout days with calendar days long enough for me to distract it. Had I not accidentally mismatched the schedule it is very likely I would have subconsciously hit a common milestone and took the opportunity to ignore the workouts and eat potato chips all day, so keeping myself distracted is something I want to continue doing.

Anyway, today’s workout was difficult. At the end of set 3 I had to kick myself up the pull ups, and when I started set 8, my grip gave out and I had to switch to body rows. I did every single repetition of every single set otherwise, though, and I’m proud of that.

Plans were sprung on me right as I was about to get my rucksack on, so I did not get to do the 4-5 miles. I will have to shift the calendar slightly to keep R&R on Thursday, since I am donating blood on Wednesday.