Written December 12, 2015

Speed takes only energy, pacing takes guts.

I am just now starting to appreciate the shaping going on. The fact that I am capable of working longer is basic physiology: I’ve worked enough muscles, hard enough, long enough, that they’ve begun to heal stronger. They will continue to grow if I continue this pattern. But the more important part is that I’m working my discipline and my pacing for the same sort of results. I am working my mind back into shape just as much as my body. It feels good.

I modified today’s workout for one person. At the end I think I overtrained a bit, so I would probably go down to 4 sets of runs in the beginning, but here’s what I did:

  1. 6 sets of:
    • 50m sprint down and back (100m total)
    • Power clean heavily-loaded ruck
    • Jog 50m with ruck
    • Rest 60 seconds
  2. 50m bear crawl, 3 times

To try something new, I also took the water bladder out of the sheath in my ruck and put it on the outside of the bricks. This makes a tremendous difference in the way the ruck feels on my back. I’ll be interested to see how the next ruckout goes with things laid out this way.


Pacing, pacing, pacing. Do everything in a little more time, rather than having to stop and catch my breath.