C2GRT W4D5+1: It's harder to stop than it is to keep going

Written December 11, 2015

I chose a new trail to tackle on today’s 5-6 mile ruck, which turned out to be an excellent idea. I ended up spending two hours trekking 6.12 miles through some great hills. There is an entire south fork of the trail that I haven’t been on, so I’m going to make sure I have the time blocked off to tackle it on Sunday.


I’ve been so busy at work over the past week or so that I’ve thrown off my work/rest schedule, but my calendar is going to have to be planned out to accomodate Christmas anyway, so here’s my upcoming schedule:

I don’t know what I’m going to do for W6D5’s Challenge or Light. I want some kind of capstone event, but I think my only option will be to drive out to an event and stay the night. Not sure how I’m going to do that without boring the wife and kids to death.