C2GRT W3D7: Five miles of fun

Written December 3, 2015

I’m going to continue rucking on the local trails before work long after these six weeks are over. I love getting out in the crisp, morning air, so having a reason to do it is fantastic.

My lower left leg is starting to hurt again. I’ll take it easy on the runs next week and try to ice it some more. The rest of my body seems to be doing fairly well, though. No unexpected aches or sharp pain, so I think I’m at a pretty good pace with my core and upper body.



I’ll try to push a little harder on my core and upper body exercises, especially in the later sets, to build my endurance.

I’ve come up with a few alternative exercises for biking, but I need to put some thought into what I’m going to do for the “bear hunt” on W4D6.