C2GRT W3D3: Curse these non-metal legs!

Written November 29, 2015

My pull ups increased by one each time, 5 and 3 this go around. That was promising. I still think my sit ups are a bit low, but given time I can improve those. I actually completed the whole metabolic circuit (with push ups) and felt pretty good about it.

It rained almost the entire time, so I also got to find out that my gloves do not dry quick enough. They were completely waterlogged after the first set of push ups. I have some dipped gloves I’ve been meaning to try, though I suspect it may take some drain holes for those to function like I want.

I did, for completion’s sake, at least test out a sprint. I will continue to ice and take ibuprofen the rest of today and tomorrow. By Tuesday I hope to be ready for the first longer ruck.


Lots of ice and some regular dosing with ibuprofen. I’ll try to stay off my feet and let my legs heal up.

I’ll bump some new trail running shoes higher up the priority list, too. I don’t remember exactly how long I’ve had my current shoes, which means it’s probably time to change them out.