C2GRT W2D6: It's finally becoming "normal"

Written November 25, 2015

Fasting is definitely working. It’s not making me perform a whole lot better or anything like that, but it is preventing me from having to stop exercising. So I’m really glad I figured that problem out.

I forgot to write down how many sets of shoulder-to-shoulders I did, but quick estimation is that it took me about seven sets to do 90 reps.

The first two miles of the run weren’t that bad. The last mile was harder, but I wouldn’t say I couldn’t have done more. I think if my “goal” was to run four or five, and I got to stop at three, I probably could have run it faster.

I’m not pacing myself very well. I run until my pace slows to a crawl, and then walk/jog a bit until I can run again. I think it’s probably easier on my joints than bouncing up and down with very little forward progress, but I’d like to work on making my pace more consistent.

Anyway, I finished the 3 mile run in 34:41. Not great, but good for me right now.


I’ve been stretching a bit throughout the day, and I will continue to stretch tomorrow. My left leg cramped up hard on me around mile 2.75, so I should give a bit of extra attention to my warmup and cooldowns in the future.

There are several days over the next four weeks that have a bike involved. I would prefer to find a substitute exercise, as hauling my bike to and from the field is a major inconvenience.


The next couple of weeks look a bit over-the-top, sitting here in my chair. I’ll wait to pass judgement after I’ve finished them, but some built-in encouragement (look at how far you’ve come!) would go a long way at this point.