C2GRT W2D3: My core is my core problem

Written November 22, 2015

I’m trying to approaching this “fast to avoid nausea” thing with somewhat of an analytic eye: Today I waited two hours between eating and exercising, which got me to set 3 of 5 before I had to slow down to a 200m run. So that’s promising.

Unfortunately my core is simply not as strong as I would like, right now, so I could only do one 60 second FLR rep during each set.

What was positive and quite affirming, though was my 2 mile time of 20:43. I improved my run pace by 2:19 per mile!


I’ll start exercising in the mornings, which comes with a conveniently built-in 7+ hour fasting. I also picked up a couple more base layer pants, so I shouldn’t succumb to the latest cold snap that left me exercising today in light snow flurries.

I will also find some light core exercises to do at the office, so I can hopefully bolster those muscles a bit.


The PT/core work portion of today’s plan was extremely hard on me. Splitting it into two sections and adding planned rests between each would help.