Adding notes to my previous C2GRT posts

Written November 22, 2015

At the end of the 6 week GORUCK training plan, what I’d like to do is help other people who want to reach the same goal. I may be speaking a bit too soon about what I plan on doing after, but to avoid forgetting about my experiences, I’m going to start adding a “notes” section to my posts. The point is to be able to look back on what I was thinking to see if there are any changes I would suggest for other couch potatos.

Anyway, after all that, the point is that I’m also adding notes to my previous posts. Here they are:


Making a plan, and especially some concrete goals, was a great idea. I’m sticking to the goals without really realizing it, so reading them later helps reinforce my plan.


Take pride in the little victories, but remember the big picture. Be happy about exceeding expectations.


Think about necessary gear and diet earlier. They will make a difference that should be taken advantage of as early as possible.


This day was a bit long to be so early, but it’s also the day before a rest. Clearly splitting the circuit into three pieces helps make it look less daunting.


Stretching on R&R days. All of them.


This day wasn’t that difficult. Maybe encourage timing the runs to see if you can maintain a pace.


The log PT was great, but the bear crawl was extremely difficult for me. Rotating in some other core exercises would help a lot.


Stretch! Review plans! Review goals!


Though I did an alternate workout, the planned set would have been great, as well. The core work is very important. Don’t skip it or cheat it.


Pay attention to the stretching, today.


The PT/core work portion of today’s plan was extremely hard on me. Splitting it into two sections and adding planned rests between each would help.