C2GRT W2D1: Why won't the room stay still?

Written November 20, 2015

I subbed the non-running portions of today’s workout with a group exercise that consisted of 20 clean and jerk lifts, 40 toe-to-box exercises, 40 wall ball exercises, 160 jump rope repetitions, and 320 flutter kicks. I got to 30 jump rope repetitions before I had to quit. Nausea hit me like a brick wall, today.

Fortunately, one of the lead guys I was working with said he has dealt with the same thing and fasting for 3-6 hours before heavy exercise worked for him.

I got a good workout in, but was cut short at about 70% of what I wanted to do. It hurts my morale, but I’m not going to let it affect me.


I will try fasting for at least 3 hours before exercising, to see if that helps avoid nausea. With the latest temperature change, I also need to step up the priority of some base layer pants. As soon as I have some spare cash I will pick some up from the discount store, until then I will keep them in regular wash rotation.


Though I did an alternate workout, the planned set would have been great, as well. The core work is very important. Don’t skip it or cheat it.