C2GRT W1D6: A failure to plan is planning to fail

Written November 18, 2015

Okay, so we’ve had high wind advisories the past few days. That should have clued me in that planning some contingencies would have been a good idea. Instead, I waited until the last minute and only considered the fact that it might actually be dangerous to try and bike in that.

Combined with the fact that I was babysitting and didn’t really want to subject the kids to a windy, dark field for 45 minutes or so, I had to amend the workout to function indoors.

Instead of biking, I did 3 sets of:

Then I used my ruck for the 80 sandbag swings and had to stop 5 times. I think I did pretty well on that, all things considered. Instead of a 50m bear crawl, I did 15x 2-count mountain climbers and then switched to 15x 2-count cross crunches when I got nauseous. I really wish I could figure out why that happens.


I need to (1) look ahead in the plan to figure out what equipment I will need for the coming weeks, and (2) see if the forecast has any surprises for me.

There are also some potential opportunities for me to get reduced gym membership without a contract, which would be a massive help. I need to (3) follow up on those.


The log PT was great, but the bear crawl was extremely difficult for me. Rotating in some other core exercises would help a lot.