C2GRT W1D5: The calm before the storm

Written November 17, 2015

Today was easy good. Maybe because I had been doing the C25K stuff on and off this year, I actually didn’t have much trouble with today’s interval runs. Loading all of the intervals into a Runkeeper workout helped immensely as I could take my mind off what was supposed to come next.

Once I finished, I realized that I had actually completed a 5K in 39 minutes, since I walked during the rest periods. Cool!

I wish I had seen /u/Teeo215’s yoga suggestion earlier, because my right thigh just above my knee was giving me a lot of trouble during W1D4.

I’ve posted flyers at the three local gyms. We’ll see if anyone else wants to partake in some ruckage.


More stretches after each workout, to prevent my muscles from being so sore.

Also I might start a Meetup group. Maybe. It’s $10/month.


This day wasn’t that difficult. Maybe encourage timing the runs to see if you can maintain a pace.