Written November 16, 2015

Pain is weakness leaving the body.

Don’t groan, you know that quote is true. Pain is your brain trying to tell you to quit. Listen closely, hear what your brain is saying, and tell it you have a different opinion.

My right knee hurts a lot, mostly when I’m going down stairs. I am honestly not sure if that means I pulled something or if my muscles are just throwing out loads of chemical signals since they’re not used to working this hard.

Either way, I’m actually a little glad to be continuing tomorrow.


Settle into the groove. Get used to working. Turn it into “that thing I do”, but still give it my all. It’s going to start getting cold, soon. I need to internalize that and take inventory of my cold weather gear.

(This post was actually written November 17th. I didn’t really think about making an R&R day post until W1D5, but the thought of having a gap bothers me.)


Stretching on R&R days. All of them.