Written November 15, 2015

The only way to acclimate is to get in the water.

I was hurting bad, last night. My thighs were sore, my knees ached, and my sides hurt. I won’t sugar coat it, I even had a few moments of doubt that I would continue on to today’s workout.

All of this was compounded by the fact that I mis-read the 6-week plan and thought W1D3 was only a 1-2 mile ruck. When I noticed the lifts, lunges, and burpees (especially the burpees. I hate burpees) I had to stop myself from groaning.

But I did it. W1D3 is complete. I feel good. Getting under a ruck feels great.

For full disclosure, I had to use my ruck for the bench press because I simply couldn’t find a coupon that weighed around 130lbs.


Time to find some buddies and some coupons. Before day 5 I will post some flyers and find some heavy shit valuable objects.


This day was a bit long to be so early, but it’s also the day before a rest. Clearly splitting the circuit into three pieces helps make it look less daunting.