C2GRT W1D1: Let's do it again!

Written November 13, 2015

I completed the APFT with the following numbers:

I ran much faster than I expected, and did much fewer sit ups than I expected. I’ve always had problems nearly vomiting after I do sit ups, which certainly reared its head tonight.

A few minutes after I stopped the run tracker, my phone helpfully said “You met your step goal!” You’re damn right I met my step goal.

How was it?

Good. Let’s do it again.


Do Not Stop is a very important rule. I had to walk what I guess was half of the 2 miles, but did try to start running again as soon as I could.

Wind and wet ground sucks. Bring a windbreaker and gloves next time.


Take pride in the little victories, but remember the big picture. Be happy about exceeding expectations.