Josh Baker (harbichidian)

I run teams and make web stuff. It's pretty fun.

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C2GRT v2 W2D5

Written September 30, 2016

(W2D4 was an R&R day.) Did a 2.3 mile ruck with quite a bit of jogging and terrain involved. We found three geocaches and did-not-find one!

C2GRT v2 W2D3

Written September 28, 2016

Fitness schedule is ready to go, today’s 2.1 miles of walking/jogging (in 25:21) and stabilization exercises are done, and I’m ready to push on.

C2GRT v2 W2D2

Written September 27, 2016

3.1 mile ruck/hike to find a geocache, which we did!

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