Josh Baker (harbichidian)

I run teams and make web stuff. It's pretty fun.

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Trello Quick Export Button extension

Written December 6, 2016

Most of the time, I use Trello as a to-do list. This inevitably leads to wanting some way of exporting my lists and cards into a report, of some sort. Fortunately, Trello has this neat little “Print and Export” button. Unfortunately, it’s buried in the menu. So I wrote an extension to fix that.

C2GRT v2 X: I am now GRT

Written October 29, 2016

Well, it worked, then. I’m now a GRT, patch and all.

C2GRT v2 W3D3

Written October 11, 2016

Did my Couch-to-5K (C25K) and Stronglifts 5x5 (SL5x5) sets, today. Worked easier than the past two days, but probably a “better” amount, total.

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