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I run teams and make web stuff. It's pretty fun.

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SL5x5 Week 3

I can feel my squat form being harmed by the Smith machine. Every time I get slightly unbalanced and try to correct myself, the rails force me into a straight line. I really hope that my request for a power rack is actually fulfilled. I spoke with the person taking care of it and he seemed positive, but wasn’t sure when we would be able to get it purchased.

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SL5x5 W2D1

Today’s lifts were great! These are my first lifts above 100lbs, which has some kind of psychological “good enough” feeling, and I did really well on them.

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SL5x5 W1D3

Today’s lifts felt really good. I think I’m gaining bulk, though it’s (expectedly) slow. Measured 19.2% body fat. The bench press still feels strange since I’ve got a whole entire 2.5lb plate on each side (bending a spaghetti noodle, maybe), though I know the whole point is to work up slowly.

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