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I run teams and make web stuff. It's pretty fun.

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Training time out

I had to call a training time out on myself, today. Apparently my left leg is worse off than I thought. About half way through the second run I started to get a weird twinge in my calf and then a few seconds later my leg almost completely gave out on me.

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Circles around those still on the couch

Okay, today’s sets are insane. I pushed as hard as I could and managed to get a pretty decent effort out of myself, but I couldn’t complete the full compliment of exercises.

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An exercise in self-control

Fortunately for my diet, we had a smaller than normal thanksgiving. I kept away from the potatoes and stuck as much as I could to turkey and veggies. I stretched out a few times throughout the day, and focused on my legs to see if they were recovering. They seem to be fine, but we’ll see how they stand up in the coming weeks.

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